The Future of Legal Marketing and Tech: Replace or Redeploy?

The Future of Legal Marketing and Tech: Replace or Redeploy?

By LMA International
April 08, 2022 | 3-minute read
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At the 2022 LMA Annual Conference, opening keynotes Richard Susskind and Daniel Susskind presented "The Future is NOW! Understanding Drivers of Change in the Legal Marketplace and How to Propel Our Firms Forward."

Following this invigorating presentation, the audience was left reflecting on what they believe the future of the profession holds. Attendees joined in a fishbowl conversation, openly exchanging thoughts and answering the question on everyone’s mind: “Will technology replace us or will it redeploy us?”  

The short answer: LMA members are optimistic that technology is an opportunity for growth rather than a dystopian threat. Here are just a few takeaways from the discussion:

  • Legal marketers are no stranger to redeployment. The pandemic alone caused the legal profession to redeploy overnight. Those who were never allowed to work from home suddenly found themselves sending emails from kitchen tables and living rooms. Less than a decade ago, the role of digital marketing specialist or competitive intelligence analyst barely existed. The legal marketing profession was built on the very premise of change.
  • Legal marketing roles aren’t always clearly defined — and that’s an opportunity. So long as legal marketers come to attorneys with thoughtful solutions, they can make meaningful, gradual change. This requires an element of hustle, and being able to find opportunities to add value. Once you start influencing revenue, you can break down barriers.
  • At the end of the day, the legal profession requires a human touch. If you’re the one that can make technology work to build a relationship, then you’re looking at redeployment and not replacement. There’s a place for “easy buttons,” but there are certain tasks that will always require a human component.
    If you’re the one that can make technology work to build a relationship, then you’re looking at redeployment and not replacement.

    Tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) still need people to teach it — and firms can reap the benefits. Instead of 100 associates doing 100 hours of document review, three associates can develop an AI-driven program in eight hours. They’re still reviewing for complexity and analysis, just in a more efficient way. Law schools are starting to teach this across the country so the next generation of lawyers will come prepared.
  • This is an exciting time for associates, and for legal marketers to partner with them. The next generation of associates has a willingness to embrace technology, inclusiveness and diverse perspectives. Build those relationships with future leaders and guide their energy for good. This is an uncertain time as they enter a completely new era of the workforce; your partnership and guidance will be well-received.
  • Technology is in service to the people who have excellent judgement and experience. Clients want a law firm’s insight and that’s not going to change. The way a firm comes to such answers may shift — and the means to do so with technology may be more efficient — but the principle of needing good judgement will not go away.

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