Texting Your Clients: What Law Firms Can Learn from a Leading Consumer App

Texting Your Clients: What Law Firms Can Learn from a Leading Consumer App

By Diane Coletta-Marz
April 11, 2024 | 3-minute read
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In today's digital age, effective communication is key to success. Traditionally, email has been a popular method of communication, but recent trends show text messaging is emerging as a more efficient and effective way to connect with audiences. 

According to the Email Marketing Benchmarks Report 2022, the average email open rate was 21.5%. In contrast, Forbes reported that the average open rate for text messaging (SMS) is 98%.

This shift is evident in how Mint Sunday, an app that connects influencers to restaurants, has successfully integrated text message communication to engage their audience to improve response rates. While the business models are fundamentally different, Mint Sunday’s use of texting could be applied to law firms looking to confirm appointments, follow up on deliverables and otherwise cut through cluttered email inboxes.

The Inefficiencies of Email Communication

Email has been a staple communication tool for businesses, but it has its limitations. These messages can easily get lost in crowded inboxes, leading to lower open and response rates. Additionally, email's tendency to allow for delayed responses can impact the overall effectiveness of communication efforts, especially in situations requiring immediate answers. In the case of Mint Sunday, we use text messaging for time sensitive matters and email for passive communication. 

The Rise of Text Message Communication

Text messaging offers a more immediate and personal way to communicate with audiences. Texts are more likely to be read quickly and responded to, making them a powerful tool for engaging with target audiences. This is particularly true for Mint Sunday, where text message reminders about upcoming restaurant bookings, follow-up messages after bookings and communication about deliverables have significantly improved response rates by 85% compared to email.

Mint Sunday's integration of text messaging has been a game-changer. In using this method to communicate about time-sensitive items, we’ve found that influencers are more likely to respond and show up to their booked engagement. Follow-up messages after bookings and communication about deliverables have also been more effective through text, as we’ve learned influencers are more responsive to this medium than email.


Text Messaging Communication Methods: SMS, iMessage and WhatsApp

When it comes to text messaging communication methods, there are several popular options to choose from. SMS text messaging is one of the most widely used methods, offering a simple and reliable way to send text messages to mobile devices. iMessage, exclusive to Apple devices, allow users to send text messages, photos and videos over Wi-Fi or cellular data. WhatsApp, a cross-platform messaging app, is another popular choice, offering text messaging, voice calling, video calling and file sharing capabilities, making it a versatile option for communication. Each of these methods has its own strengths and features, catering to different communication needs and preferences.

In the legal field, there are a number of companies that offer text platforms specifically for lawyer/client text messaging. This software allows law firms to easily communicate with clients via SMS, providing a convenient way to send appointment reminders, updates on case status, and other important information directly to clients' mobile devices.

Text: An Effective Way to Break Out of the Inbox

Text message communication has proven to be a more efficient and effective way to engage target audiences compared to email. Mint Sunday's success in integrating text message communication highlights this with its improved response rate and engagement. As businesses continue to seek innovative ways to connect with their audiences, text messaging is likely to continue to play an important role in communication.


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Diane Coletta-Marz
Mint Sunday

Diane Coletta-Marz is the founder of Mint Sunday, an app connecting influencers with restaurants for food in exchange for social media coverage. She also runs a successful blog called Petite in Paris.