The Intersection of Marketing and Technology

The Intersection of Marketing and Technology

By ILTA, LMA International
October 17, 2023 | 6-minute read
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Technology is changing how law firms operate, and the intersection of marketing and technology continues to grow.  LMA and ILTA have been pleased to collaborate over the past two years to produce thought leadership that highlights how the synergy between the marketing and technology teams helps achieve shared goals. The session recaps below explore content showcased at their respective 2023 annual events that embody this collaboration.

Highlights From #LMA23

1. Driving Successful and Impactful Content Marketing: An #LMA23 Recap

Discover the four key pillars to successful thought leadership in the legal industry and learn how implementing these strategies can elevate attorneys' status and drive engagement with clients.

2. #LMA23: The Rainmaker Genome Project

Ever wish you could clone your law firm’s top rainmakers? Although cloning technology isn't here yet, a recent study has found the most effective habits of rainmakers worldwide. Learn how these habits can be taught to lawyers at all levels in this overview.

3. Skunkworks, Web 3.0 and AI in Legal Marketing: An #LMA23 Recap

In the ever-evolving landscape of legal marketing, a transformative fusion of innovation, adaptability and cutting-edge technology is on the horizon. Welcome to a journey through the captivating #LMA23 presentation, “Skunk Works, Web 3.0, and AI: A Taste of What’s Next in Legal Marketing,” where the crossroads of tradition and transformation, strategy and surrealism are explored.

4. #LMA23 Recap: Unleashing the Power of Marketing Analytics — Learning to Use Data to Amplify Your Impact

Unlock the transformative power of data-driven marketing with insights from the #LMA23 Marketing Analytics Bootcamp session, where experts revealed the keys to collaboration, overcoming challenges and harnessing data as a lifeline for strategic innovation in law firm marketing.

Highlights From ILTACON 2023

1. Why the Time Is Now; A Central Repository for All Your Firm Data

The main goals of this ILTACON session were to provide attendees with an understanding of: 1) why developing a data lake for a firm's data can help simplify the integration process, create a central data repository, which can then be leveraged for firm-wide reporting, data integration and data backup/archiving; 2) why there is an increasing need across industries for the centralization of data; and 3) how centralization of data improves data integrity and consistency, reduces data loss, helps limit security and reputational risks and assists in the elimination of duplicative efforts for data capture and management.

2. Leveraging Data to Strengthen Your Law Firm's Brand

Participants in this ILTACON session enjoyed a very lively discussion about how to use data to effectively measure the success of your law firm’s brand and marketing efforts. This session featured insights from leading experts regarding a broad range of topics and also included practical advice about defining clear and measurable goals, refining your strategy and integrating internal and external data sources to present analytics in a clear and actionable way.

3. Data Mapping for 2023 and Beyond: What Is It and Why Is it Important?

The ILTACON 2023 session delved into the essence of data mapping, tracing its historical roots while highlighting its present-day significance. It's no longer a tabletop exercise; modern data mapping is dynamic, operational and far-reaching.

4. The Art of Project Management (and a Little Bit of Science): Combining Agile and Waterfall Methodologies for Successful PM

In this ILTACON 2023 session, the speakers shared what is Waterfall methodology, explored Agile, shared stories of when good projects go wrong, provided a key hybrid project example, and highlighted what questions you need to ask to figure out which methodology you need to use and more.

5. Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, Bias, and Explainability – and Regulatory Responses

In this ILTACON session, attendees should walk away with a better understanding of why it is important to test and evaluate AI systems for bias and accuracy, what buyers should mandate from their vendors and partners on this journey, obtain recommendations for key steps technology teams should be taking to pursue AI utilization responsibly and what you should be paying attention to when it comes to regulatory trends and new standards.

6. In Concert: IT and Practice/Business/Innovation Groups Make Beautiful Music Together

In this ILTACON session, the presenters focused on who has built bridges between IT and their practice/business groups to ensure projects run harmoniously. They translated the needs of the business for IT and helped teams leverage existing technology capabilities to avoid the “left on the shelf” syndrome. The takeaways focused on setting up the right environment for a project to be "in tune" and "in concert."

7. Let's Talk Legal Ops

In this session, the speakers honed in on the four big functions of legal ops: 1) delivering tech solutions; 2) collaboration between law firms and their clients; 3) optimizing outside counsel; and 4) legal service request management. They also shared a variety of instances that illustrated how legal ops is a multi-disciplinary function with an impossible array of tasks that no one person can do.

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Technology is changing how firms operate and there is a need for more collaboration between the marketing and technology teams to achieve shared goals. In this collaborative podcast between the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) and the Legal Marketing Association (LMA), four seasoned marketing and technology experts discuss their organizational structures, the importance of establishing effective and open communication processes between departments, and share stories in which these efforts resulted in successful projects.

Roundtable Recap: Tips for Better Collaboration Between IT and Marketing

LMA and the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) facilitated a roundtable discussion about the growing importance of collaboration between marketing and IT. Read on for key takeaways

Dive Into More Educational Content From #LMA23

The 2023 LMA Annual Conference was an intensive three-day program of plenary education and specific, hands-on learning sessions that were designed to be immediately actionable back at the office. With the theme, Amplify Your Impact, attendees experienced authentic conversations on substantive topics that inspire true change in this industry, and cement the credibility, voice and talents of thought leaders, change agents and positive disrupters.

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Marketing Analytics Bootcamp - Part 2: Advancing Your Marketing Analytics Operation

Are you ready to become a legal marketing analytics pro?  This session will introduce you to new ways of designing and leveraging the Marketing Analytics operation. Work as a team and learn how to put together insightful, compelling analytics output for your firm.

How Amplifying Your Personal Brand Impacts Company Well-Being & Culture

The interconnectedness between inclusion, allyship, and a psychologically safe work environment is key to retaining talent and promoting firm values and sustainability in an evolving and competitive market landscape. Everyone in a law firm has a role to play in leveraging this interconnectedness to drive business outcomes. Marketing and business development professionals specifically can play a more active role in this regard by empowering and teaching lawyers and other business professionals the significance and benefits of focusing on and leveraging their personal brands.

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