#LMA23 Recap: Unleashing the Power of Marketing Analytics — Learning to Use Data to Amplify Your Impact

#LMA23 Recap: Unleashing the Power of Marketing Analytics — Learning to Use Data to Amplify Your Impact

By Ben Chiriboga, Esq.
September 22, 2023 | 2-minute read
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The Marketing Analytics Bootcamp from the 2023 LMA Annual Conference ignited participants whose goal it is to bring data-driven insights into law firm marketing strategies. Part 1 of the Bootcamp was led by a panel of funny and exceptional experts from diverse legal backgrounds — Celine Gilmore (Davies), Andrew Hutchinson (Databall), Jason Kennedy (Calibrate Legal Inc.) and Paul Picciotta (Foley & Lardner LLP). The session guided attendees on how to introduce marketing analytics within departments and firms.

Learning Points

Embracing the power of data: The session started by emphasizing the untapped potential of data. Attendees were guided through an exploration of various law firm data sources within marketing, finance and beyond. The group discovered how hidden gems of information could unlock unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation, not only in marketing, but also knowledge management, experience and financials.

Building a cohesive network: Collaborative partnerships were identified as the key to establishing a marketing analytics function. The panel urged attendees to venture beyond departmental boundaries by engaging others and understanding their goals and objectives. This call for collaboration resonated deeply and attendees left with an understanding of how shared goals and cross-functional cooperation are pivotal to overcoming firm challenges.

Overcoming roadblocks: Building a data operation is not without its challenges. Technical complexities, security concerns and political dynamics are all expected stumbling blocks. However, the panel highlighted strategies and tools available to overcome these obstacles such as change management, starting simple and bringing data to the table.

Session Takeaways

The session emphasized the transformative impact of marketing analytics on individuals and organizations alike. It shed light on the individuals who stand to benefit the most from harnessing the power of data — the dreamers, innovators and visionaries seeking to break free from the monotonous grind of day-to-day marketing. It became abundantly clear that data, or rather, the evidence it provides, is the key to unlocking aspirations.

The presenters highlighted the importance of starting small, taking those initial steps towards a data-driven future. Attendees were encouraged to engage in meaningful conversations, delving deep into the desires and challenges of their colleagues and stakeholders. By truly understanding their needs and pain points, attendees discovered that data held the answers, acting as the catalyst for meaningful change.

The profound significance of data became even more evident — the need to handle it effectively and craft a strategy around it to pave the way for success. Starting with ensuring the seamless integration of data back into organizational systems became a critical point made by the panellists. Their honesty around data resonated with everyone, revealing the undeniable truth that data is not merely a fact of life, but a lifeline, guiding us toward a strategic thinking and brighter initiatives.

Overall, the impact continues to reverberate. This session provided guidance that will help everyone think outside the proverbial box.

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Ben Chiriboga, Esq.

Ben Chiriboga is a marketing and business development legal industry operator, advisor and commentator. As chief growth officer at Nexl, Ben helps law firms evolve their go-to-market strategies to survive and thrive. Ben has spoken to global audiences about legal growth at LegalGeek, FutureLawyer US, LMA, Legal Sales & Service Organization and the New Zealand Bar Association, and his work has been profiled in ArtificialLawyer, Legal Business World News, LegalSites and other publications. Connect with Ben on LinkedIn.