Tips for Better Collaboration Between IT and Marketing — An LMA and ILTA Roundtable Recap

Tips for Better Collaboration Between IT and Marketing — An LMA and ILTA Roundtable Recap

By Natasha Tucker
November 17, 2022 | 6-minute read
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Marketing and IT have very different functions, but when working together they can provide huge benefits for lawyers and practice groups, in addition to supporting a firm's strategic growth. 

Knowing the growing importance of collaboration between these groups, LMA and the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) facilitated a roundtable discussion: “Charting a Smooth Path: Getting IT and Marketing to Row in the Same Direction.” 

During this time, attendees shared insights around their own experience working with IT and marketing departments. Topics included why projects go well, their biggest challenges, best practices for project resourcing and getting support for projects. What follows are takeaways from the discussion. 

Key Takeaways 

Communicate: It’s important that marketing and IT build a communicative relationship as they work together on projects. To be successful, they must have open lines of communication and meet regularly to ensure the vision is realistic (within budget) and achievable (within the desired timeframe).

Innovate: Brainstorming by way of casual, free flowing conversations without pre-conceived ideas and notions helps creative juices flow. Marketing innovation meetings or design thinking workshops can help connect the dots across both functions.

Start early: Involving marketing and IT in discussions early on is vital to getting buy-in and support from executives and decision makers. Having time to prepare and collaborate on a unified vision significantly increases a project's chance of success.

Budget: Once marketing and IT are aligned, it’s much easier to get budget approval. It’s also wise to consider line items for pilot projects or research and development. In case you discover there’s something else you need for the project, there will be funds available and you don't have to wait for the next budget cycle.

Resource accordingly: Identify the team structure. There’s value in having people on a team who straddle both marketing and IT, when possible. Ask resource questions such as what skill set they need to be successful and whether this resource is a part of marketing or IT.

Be strategic: Think about how the project benefits the practice group or firm. Ask questions about what your main priority is, why you are doing this and how it aligns with strategic goals.

Get a sponsor: Know who your sponsor is, identify who will champion the project at a strategic level, understand the key decision makers and communicate with them regularly.

Learn More

Finding connection points between IT and marketing teams can be critical for growing your business. Listen to the full roundtable discussion online here.

Looking for additional opportunities to learn from and connect with like-minded legal marketers? Stay tuned to the LMA Upcoming Webinars page online here

Natasha Tucker
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Natasha Tucker has worked in the field of content management, proposals and pursuits, account management and project management for over 20 years. At Bennett Jones, she has a national leadership role focusing on business development operations, tracking opportunities and recording data that predicts trends and provides insights to support strategic business development initiatives, marketing strategies and client management.