Celebrating 2 Years of Strategies & Voices

Strategies & Voices is celebrating two years online! The site houses more than 350 articles, webinars and podcasts for the legal marketing and business development profession.

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Bookmark and Stay Awhile: Reader Favorites

Top 3 Articles

  1. Memoirs of a Law Firm CMO: 5 Lessons Learned,” by Tori Whitaker
  2. Know Your Client: 3 Issues Facing In-house Counsel in 2023,” by Dan Nelson, Marcie Dickson and Laura Ernde
  3. 5 Tips to Deliver Exceptional Client Service,” by Natasha Tucker

Top 3 Podcasts

  1. Implementing a New CRM for Improved Business Development,” featuring James Barclay and Michelle Woodyear
  2. How Great Marketers Overcome Attorney Apathy to Win Trust and Deliver Results,” featuring Heather McMichael, Tony Nasharr, Debra Pickett and Stephen Walton
  3. Making the Case for Client Value Teams,” featuring Amber Bollman, Julie Henson and Allison Nussbaum

Top 3 Webinars

  1. LinkedIn Expert Roundtable – How to Gather Business Intel with Intention, featuring Samantha McKenna, Rachel Shields Williams and Jennifer Forester
  2. Law Firm PR On a Shoestring Budget, featuring Jocelyn Brumbaugh, Sheenika Gandhi, Debra Pickett and Heather McMichael
  3. Diversity Data Requests: What Clients Want, What Firms Want, and How Both Can Be Happy, featuring Rita Treadwell, Tasneem Khokha and Sonali Oberg

Shout Out to the 2023 Strategies & Voices Editorial Committee! 

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Row 1, left to right: Kathryn Whitaker (2023 co-chair), Julie Holton (2023 co-chair), Diana Lauritson (2023 board liaison), James Barclay, Callie Brzezinski

Row 2, left to right: Ben Chiriboga, Aly Crea, Rebeca Ervin, Tommy Franz, Marc Gerico 

Row 3, left to right: Katherine Hollar Barnard, Heidi Horn, Diana Jennen, Sally Kane, Katie Munroe

Row 4, left to right: Tracy Pan, Tara Patterson, John Walsh, Jessica Wlater

Not pictured: Clayton Dodds, Lynne Stabler


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