Video: 5 Things I Always Do as a Business Development Professional

Video: 5 Things I Always Do as a Business Development Professional

By LMA International
December 01, 2022
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If you’re a TikTok fan, chances are you’ve noticed the “5 Things” trend, where professionals share the five things they would never do as a surgeon, a family law attorney, a nutritionist, etc. We decided to invite legal marketing business development professionals to hop on this trend — asking them to reveal what they would always do in their field. We hope you enjoy their offering of best practices and tips.

Lisa Rory, Business Development Manager, Venable

Jim Ries, Director of Business Development, Offit | Kurman

Stefanie Marrone of Stefanie Marrone Consulting/The Social Media Butterfly

Jim Staples, Principal, Jim Staples Consulting

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