Onboarding and Integration in a Hybrid Workplace: Tips From Fellow LMA Members

Onboarding and Integration in a Hybrid Workplace: Tips From Fellow LMA Members

By LMA International
August 31, 2021 | 2 minutes
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What does integration look like — especially for new hires — in today’s hybrid work environment? For those working remotely, what have we learned about the onboarding process?

We turned to the LMA community to answer these pressing questions as we continue to navigate an ever-evolving work environment. Here’s what a few people had to say:

“Onboarding remotely allowed me to integrate in a non-linear fashion. Instead of having to meet all of the partners in one office and then board a plane to the next, I was able to meet people around the world in a single day. It has positioned me to settle in faster at my new firm than I anticipated, so I could hit the ground running on the initiatives that matter most.

“When integrating new hires, taking time to ask about the photo behind their Zoom setup or to meet the dog that is barking at their feet allows us to get to know someone on a personal level even faster than over a welcome lunch.” —Jenna Schiappacasse, Director of Client and Business Development, Jenner & Block

“My number one priority for integrating new hires is introducing them to the professionals in the company for which they will, or could be, working with the most. While a roadshow has been typical in the pre-COVID world, I'm finding that facilitating virtual meetings for these kind of introductions works very well. Being thoughtful about the composition of those meetings is critical so that the new hire feels welcome and understands how their skill set could add value to each grouping.” —Rebecca Edwards, Senior Marketing and Business Development Manager, Williams Mullen

“We (hiring managers and leaders) need to intentionally create time during the onboarding process for people to get to know one another and build relationships.” —Rachel Shields Williams, Director of Knowledge Management Technology, Sidley Austin LLP

These responses were submitted to LMA as part of a new social media series, “We Asked, You Answered.” Keep an eye out for future questions from LMA.

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