LMA Podcast Episode 74: Digital Transformation: Message in the Market

LMA Podcast Episode 74: Digital Transformation: Message in the Market

By Jessica Aries, Sue Serna, Vik Gupta and Helena Lawrence (moderators)
April 08, 2021 | 30 minute episode
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Technology Management
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Episode 74

Series: LMA SIG Share-Out

Episode Description:
Today, marketing departments utilize marketing technology to achieve marketing goals and objectives. In this LMA Podcast episode, Vik Gupta and Helena Lawrence are joined by Jessica Aries and Sue Serna to expand on their Digital Transformation Webinar Series presentation and explore what our message in the market looks like.

Jessica Aries, Digital Marketing Strategist & Consultant, By Aries
Sue Serna, Founder & CEO, Serna Social
Vik Gupta, Marketing Technology SIG Co-Chair (moderator)
Helena Lawrence, Marketing Technology SIG Co-Chair (moderator)

Series Description:
The LMA SIG Share-Out series spotlights episodes from one or more of LMA’s 10 Shared Interest Groups. This series features best practices, education and more on the hottest topics in legal marketing.

Looking for more insights? Check out the webinar presentation "Digital Transformation Webinar Series: Part I: Message in the Market" here and read more in the Strategies+ blog post here.

Jessica Aries
By Aries
Sue Serna
Serna Social
Vik Gupta and Helena Lawrence (moderators)
Marketing Technology SIG Co-Chairs