Infographic: The Role of Knowledge Management in Legal Tech

Infographic: The Role of Knowledge Management in Legal Tech

By Toshiko Bolton Nelson
June 03, 2021 | 2 minutes
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In past years, a trend was seen regarding the growth of knowledge management in law firms and its role in technology management. When the pandemic hit, there was a major uptick in that progress, as firms shifted to working remotely and utilized technology to keep the wheels turning. The International Legal Technology Association’s (ILTA’s) 2020 Knowledge Management Survey notes that knowledge management (KM) departments played a significant role in implementing and ongoing maintenance.


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For more insights, be sure to download the ILTA white paper, "Knowledge Management and Marketing Technology." A special thanks to ILTA for granting permission to share this report.

Toshiko Bolton Nelson
McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC

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