AI Is All the Buzz, but How Does a Legal Marketer Know What To Do With It?

AI Is All the Buzz, but How Does a Legal Marketer Know What To Do With It?

By Freddy Dobinson, Walter McCorkle, Britt Powers
July 20, 2023 | 25-minute episode
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LMA Podcast · AI Is All the Buzz, but How Does a Legal Marketer Know What To Do With It?

Episode: 106

Series: SIG Share-Out

Episode Description:

LMA’s Marketing Technology SIG sits down with Freddy Dobinson of Passle and Britt Powers of Orrick to discuss the pressing questions that CMOs are receiving from firm shareholders about AI:

  • Why should my firm be considering AI solutions?
  • What is the current availability of AI tools and solutions for law firms today?
  • How do I navigate the dynamics of law firm leadership when pursuing an AI-centric project?
  • And what is on the horizon to help me start to leverage AI to my firm’s maximum potential?

This conversation explores content marketing, CRM concepts, ChatGPT and more.

Freddy Dobinson, Head of Client Experience, Passle
Walter McCorkle, Business Development and Marketing Technology Manager, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP (Host)
Britt Powers, Senior Marketing Manager, Orrick

Series Description:
The LMA SIG Share-Out series spotlights episodes from one or more of LMA’s 10 Shared Interest Groups. This series features best practices, education and more on the hottest topics in legal marketing.

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Freddy Dobinson

Freddy Dobinson leads Passle's client success team in North America. Having been involved with launching hundreds of thought leadership programs, mostly within law firms, he can offer a unique perspective on how to position your thought leadership for firm-wide and long-term success. He partners with in-house marketing and technology teams, as well as their external agencies, to drive high levels of fee-earner engagement and align performance metrics with the firm's broader business objectives.

Walter McCorkle
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP

Walter McCorkle is a business development and marketing technology manager at Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP, a 600+ attorney law firm serving clients nationally and globally. He is a legal marketing technologist with over 10 years of marketing experience. His role has evolved over the years as the legal marketing landscape has also evolved and grown, but the underlying theme of his career has been positioning his firm and attorneys to succeed in an exceptionally competitive marketplace. He does so by leveraging marketing technologies, training legal marketers, business developers and attorneys alike, and strategizing with firm, attorney and departmental goals in view.

Britt Powers

Britt Powers advises top lawyers at global law firms on their most important client development and marketing objectives. She leads the business development and marketing efforts for Orrick’s innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning team, as well as the firm’s cyber, privacy and data innovation, technology transactions, and strategic advisory and government enforcement teams. When she isn’t discovering new use cases for AI, Britt enjoys spending quality time with her English cream golden retriever and visiting as many beaches as possible. Connect with Britt on LinkedIn