LMA Podcast Episode 68: A Deep Dive Into Captive ALSPs

LMA Podcast Episode 68: A Deep Dive Into Captive ALSPs

By Anne Reavis
March 02, 2021 | 30 minute episode
Business of Law Competitive and Business Intelligence Podcast Content Level: Advanced
Client Services
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Episode 68 | Strategies LIVE!

Captive alternative legal service providers (ALSPs) are changing the way law firms do business. In the latest episode of Strategies LIVE!, Anne Reavis (Wilson Allen) sits down with Brad Blickstein and Beatrice Seravello (Baretz+Brunelle) to talk through what a captive ALSP does, along with what opportunities exist to learn from these new entities.

This episode of Strategies LIVE! is coincides with the subject matter featured in the January/February issue of Strategies magazine. A special thank you to this issue’s sponsors, Firmseek, American Bar Association (ABA), Mind Alliance and Introhive and the many partners featured in this issue’s special Partner Directory. These partners are ready to help you identify solutions that fit your firm’s needs.

Featuring Anne Reavis, CRM consultant at Wilson Allen, Brad Blickstein, partner and co-head of NewLaw practice group, Baretz+Brunelle, and Beatrice Seravello, partner and co-head of NewLaw practice group, Baretz+Brunelle
Read the January/February 2021 issue of Strategies online at www.legalmarketing.org/strategies.

The LMA Strategies LIVE! podcast series examines subject matters and issues affecting legal marketers and the work that we do. This podcast series expands on content found in the Strategies publication and elevates expert insights advancing legal marketing.


Anne Reavis

Anne Reavis is a CRM consultant at Wilson Allen.