LMA Podcast Episode 66: Strategies LIVE! The Intersection of DEI and Business Development

LMA Podcast Episode 66: Strategies LIVE! The Intersection of DEI and Business Development

By Jacob Eidinger, Holly Barocio, Alycia Sutor
December 17, 2020 | 18 minute episode
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When married together, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives and business development efforts can create a powerful approach to greater inclusivity within a firm. In the latest episode of Strategies LIVE!, Jacob Eidinger (Wigdor LLP) sits down with Holly Barocio and Alycia Sutor (GrowthPlay) to talk through how to make this a reality, along with ways to tactically coach lawyers to remove some of the typical barriers to DEI that often exist.

This issue of Strategies LIVE! is coincides with the subject matter featured in the November/December issue of Strategies magazine. A special thank you to this issue's sponsors, Firmseek, Tenrec, MultiVision Digital, Jelly Digital Marketing, Clearview Social and the many partners featured in this issue's special Partner Directory. These partners are ready to help you identify solutions that fit your firm's needs.

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Jacob Eidinger
Wigdor LLP

Jacob Eidinger is the marketing coordinator at Wigdor LLP, a prominent plaintiff-side employment litigation boutique based in New York City. As a solo marketer, Eidinger is responsible for developing and implementing the frm’s content marketing strategy and creating day-to-day marketing collateral. His role also involves planning and executing business development initiatives for the frm and driving revenue through strategic digital marketing and public relations campaigns. Eidinger served as the member engagement chair on the LMA 2020 New York Local Steering Committee, an issue editor of Strategies magazine and has volunteered on the LMA Northeast Regional Conference Committee.

Holly Barocio
Alycia Sutor